Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that you may find interesting. Reading materials refer to resources that contain articles or documents, while online or interactive tools involve clicking around and exploration of different references.


CALP Resources:

  • The Our Future Community Videogame (under-development)

    An interactive video game that allows students to explore community energy. Build your own neighbourhood and make choices to learn how you can be more sustainable in your community.

  • The Community Energy Explorer

    An interactive website that allows you to explore community energy. Zoom in on your neighbourhood and see what the energy potentials are for each community.

Reading Materials:

  • Vancouver's Renewable Energy Strategy

    Incorporating environmental, social, and economic pillars of sustainability, the Renewable Energy Strategy lays out goals and tasks Vancouver must take to achieve 100% renewable energy in 2050 and reduce GHG emissions by 80% before 2050.

  • Vancouver's Greenway Network

    Learn more about Vancouver’s many greenways, and where the nearest one to you is located. Once complete, the greenway network will reach 140 km long and span from Marpole to False Creek!

  • Urban Forest Climate Adaption Framework for Metro Vancouver

    What are the risks facing urban forests? How can we build resilience going forward? This strategy outlines the current condition of our urban forests, labels the threats, and describes how to move towards a more resilient future.

  • Climate Action in BC

    What has B.C. done to fight against climate change? Visit this site to see what has been done in the built environment, transportation, and industry sectors as well as across sectors.

  • Stay tuned as we develop this resource! Please sign-up here if you are interested in being involved, or just providing feedback on some of our tools and resources and staying connected with CALP.

Online & Interactive

  • BCSEA Cool it!

    Cool It! is an interactive environmental workshop and contest for students in grades 4 to 7. In each 90-minute workshop, our Environmental Educators use videos, games, quizzes and discussion to build on students’ knowledge of climate change.

  • World Bank GHG Emissions Map

    Curious about the emissions of other countries? Discover the emission levels of all countries and economies.

  • Leafsnap (app)

    Snap a photo of a leaf, seed, or flower from an unknown tree and this app will help you identify it.

  • Grow Your Garden or Find the Right Plant

    This website gives you a variety of beautiful garden-bed layouts, and helps you find the perfect plant for any corner in your garden.

  • Treepedia

    Just how much canopy cover does Vancouver have relative to other cities? This website shows you the approximate green canopy cover of over twenty major cities, including Berlin, Seattle, Tel Aviv, and Cape Town.