20 - 30 minutes

Rate Your Block

Why do this?

To quickly identify different types of "habitats" or surfaces in your neighbourhood.

Impacts & Adaptataion

A higher score indicates a lowercarbon footprint.

6. What kind of trees are on your block?

Mostly large & mature trees
Mostly small ornamental trees
Very few trees are on my block

7. Do trees on your block look healthy?

Yes (vigorous growth, dense foilage)
No (stunted, dried out, thin foliage)

8. What is the overall extent of impervious surface (grey car & pigeon habitat)?

less than 30%
30 - 60 %
more than 60%

9. How many rain gardens and/or swales are on your block?

3 or more

10. % of homes growing food (visible from the street):

more than 40%
20 - 40 %
less than 20%

Score : out of 15