60 - 90 minutes

Change Your Transportation

Why do this?

To realize the full potential of a completed road that supports sustainable active transportation and lowers carbon emission.

Renewable City Strategy on Strategic Active Transportation

1. Reduce energy use
2. Increase the use of renewable energy
3. Increase the supply of renewable energy

Active and sustainable transportations benefit and your block in various ways

• Lower GHG emissons
• Reduce pollutions
• BIOPHILLA: build connections with nature
• Increase urban forest/tree canopy and promote walking
• Mimic natural hydrology and facilitate water infiltration

Assignment: Visualize Your Neighborhood Street

• Pick a street that you are interested in re-designing
• Walk around your block or look at Google Earth/Map Street View to see conditions on the ground
• Check out Street mix, a handy tool that helps you interact with different street elements
• Identify the basic characters of your street views and emulate those in the street mix tool
• Identify parts of the street (e.g. pedestrain views) that encourage or discourage sustainble transportations
• Make a comparison between the old road composition and newly designed road

Here's an example: