10 - 20 minutes

Prioritize and Make a Pledge

Why do this?

To prioritize the ideas you have from your visioning and scorecard.

Make a Pledge

What goals are you planning to achieve in the new year? Are they about preparing your house for climate change, or protecting trees in your yard or block? Find out what your neighbours have been pledging, and work towards the goals together!

Example Pledges

Here are some example pledges split into different categories, you can choose them based on your interests.

  • Water __ street trees on my street in the summer every (day/week)
  • Plant __ trees every (month/year)
  • Attend city-hosted tree-planting event(s)
  • Climate-proof your home and neighbourhood
  • Cut your carbon footprint together with your neighbours
  • Have fun along the way!

  • Buy __% of foods locally every (day/week/month)
  • Eat __% of fruites and vegetables that I grew myself
  • Have __ meatless days each week/month
  • Reduce red meat consumption by __%
  • Host a local food fair with your neighbours
  • Volunteer at a local beehive or set up a hive in your backyard

  • Install water-saving fixtures in your sinks and showers
  • Buy a rain barrel to capture and recycle rainwater in my yard
  • Reduce __% of lawn area in my front/back yard to plant shrubs or other plants
  • Plany a rain garden in your yard/block

  • Walk/bike/bus to work and back __ times each month
  • Walk/bike/bus for __% of travels per (week/month)
  • Purchase an Electronic Vehicle
  • Install an Electronic Vehicle charging station in your yard

  • Calculate my carbon footprint
  • Reduce my carbon footprint by __% next __
  • Schedule an energy retrofit consultation for my house
  • Add solar panels on south-facing roofs of my home
  • Install __ energy retrofits in my place in the next __

  • Attend a Coolkit workshop or other climate-awareness events in the next __ month
  • Get involved in a Greenest City Project near you
  • Measure my carbon footprint every (month/year)
  • Reduce my carbon footprint by ___% from _____ (year or a date) to _____(year or a date)