60 - 90 minutes

Green & Climate-Proof Your Block

Why do this?

Create a street garden in traffic circles or even on the street in front of your place by planting vegetation that you like. Creating this type of green space can benefit you and your block in various ways.

A. Create a Street Garden

1. Boost the character of your block by personalizing gardens
2. Slow down traffic on your block
3. Provide free compost for your own garden, and sometimes even free food (depending on the species that you plant)
4. Strengthen the bonds with your neighbours and friends
5. Provide habitat for important pollinators
6. Add to summer shade with deciduous tree(s)

Steps to Create a Street Garden

1. Decide what type of garden you and your neighbours want to create: e.g. food gardens, bee hives, ornamental gardens...

2. Pick plants that you like. Recommended plant list.

3. Plan a day with your neighbours to plant! Watch out for traffic when you are working. Stay visible and stay alert.

For more specific rules and guides, visit here

You can also volunteer for the City's Green Streets Program to help them take care of street gardens near you. You will weed and water the gardens, make new friends, receive free training on gardening, and go to various fun events by the Green Streets. Sign up here.

B. Take Care of Public Trees