1 - 2 hours

Story Collection

Why do this?

To recognize how much your neighborhood has changed over the past decades, through changes in urban development, lifestyles, tree growth, and climate change impacts; and how you feel about the future of your household and your block.


Grab a pen and a notebook and spend a pleasant afternoon with your relatives or your neighbour(s) who have lived in the area for a while. Record the stories you hear and what you see, and share your collections by documenting them online.

More greenery or less greenery? Smaller houses or larger houses? Changes in weather patterns? More cars or less cars? How do you feel about this?


"I think my lifestyle is pretty self-sufficient. I bike or take transit to most places. I grow my own tomatoes and herbs, store rainwater in a barrel, and plan to grow more of my own vegetables. I love trees, so I planted two honey locusts on the south side of my apartment to provide shade during the hot summers. Besides trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, I hope to reduce my energy consumption and carbon footprint. My partner and I just bought an Energy Star certified laundry machine. It saves us 35% energy and water each load!"