1 - 1.5 hours

Photo Gallery

Why do this?

To recognize things you value around your block and how they relate to climate change.


Each person/family takes a picture of:
1. Their favourite place or view on the block
2. Their favourite tree on the block
3. Something on the block that they connect to climate change
Option: Collect old photos of the block to compare changes over time

Option 1: A Photo Gallery

Bring prints of photos into a room or public location with a bulletin board. Everyone pin their photos and discuss. Display your photos for all to see, and have each person describe their own photos.
If easier, keep a scrapbook or 3-ring binder of all photos - portable and easy to store!
What do you notice?

Option 2: An Online Album

Several options exist for making free online photo albums, such as Facebook, Flickr, or Instagram.

What to do next:

After reviewing the photos, discuss what you learned and decide if you want to compile the photos and findings into an album that can be shared by meeting in person, or via through email, Facebook, or Skype.
* This follow up session would be a great time to complete the Photo Quiz!