Individual or Group
30 minutes

Non-Trivia Quiz

Why do this?

This quiz will test your understanding of local climate change and urban forestry issues.

Non-Trivia Quiz:

Read the Cookit background to answer questions 1-4. Walk around your block and search for answers online for questions 5 & 6.

The questions below are just examples - feel free to come up with your own that match the interests and issues in your own community. Hold a trivia quiz activity at someone’s home or a community event, and share answers. Once complete, discuss the answers with the group.

80% below 2007 carbon emmison levels

Building heating

The average carbon footprint of residents in BC is 10-14 tonnes per person.

The municipal government has a stated goal of planting 150,000 new trees by 2020 to densify Vancouver’s urban forest canopy.

Answers may differ.

Some of the trees that are native to Costal BC are: Amabalis fir, Arbutus, Black Cottonwood, Douglas-fir, Mountain hemlock, Sitka spruce, Western hemlock, Western red-cedar. However, answers may differ depending on where you live.