30 minutes

Photo Quiz

Why do this?

To test your skills in identifying signs of climate change on your block.

Look for signs of CIMA:

Examples of what to look for

Consider potential impacts based on possible threats in different seasons, what activities related to mitigation, or adaptation could potentially take place. For instance, as seen in the photo below, mature trees can be a potential impact if they are unhealthy and blow down in wind storms. Trees are more often an adaptation against the effects of climate change by reducing the impacts of heat waves and stormwater flooding.


• Pick 3 photos to examine
• For each photo of your block, write down which of the CIMA features you identify
• Add a small version of each photo to place next to the description if you like
• Use your photos to quiz each other on signs of climate change on your block

Compare your results with other group members:

• Did anyone see an actual impact of climate change in the photos?
• Did anyone see what is the biggest vulnerability around the block?
• Did anyone see visible adaptation taking place in the photos?
• Would you consider your block a high or low carbon area?

Check out this for an online guide to explore climate change signs in False Creek. Hope it can help you with spotting climate measures at your own community!