20 - 30 minutes

Rate your Household

Why do this?

To quickly identify different types of "habitats" or surfaces in your neighbourhood.

Causes & Mitigation

A higher score indicates a lowercarbon footprint.

1. How much floor area for heating and cooling per person is in your home?

less than 50 m2
50 - 120 m2
more than 120 m2

2. How do you heat/cool your home?

Mostly renewable energy (eg. solar, hydro, air-sourced heat pumps)
Combination of renewable energy and fossil fuels
Mostly fossil fuels (eg. natural gas)

3. How many flights do you take in a year?

More than 1 long-haul flight
One long-haul flight or 1-3 short range flights
One short range flight or more

4. % of your house shaded by trees in your yard or block in summer

more than 60%
30 - 60%
less than 30%

5. % of trips by foot/bike/bus in one week:

more than 60%
30 - 60%
less than 30%

Score : out of 15