20 - 30 minutes

Rate Your Household

Why do this?

To quickly identify different types of "habitats" or surfaces in your neighbourhood.

Impacts & Adaptation

A higher score indicates a lowercarbon footprint.

1. What color is your roof?

Light (reflecting heat)
Dark (absorbing heat)

2. How do you use and store water for your gardens?

Using roof rainwater capture (waterbutts)and rain gardens
Part of the garden is irrigated with tapwater
Garden fully irrigated with tap water

3. How many trees are on your property?

more than 3

4. How much green or pervious('worm habitat') are is on your entire lot??

more than 40%
20 - 40 %
less than 20%

5. How much of what you eat do you grow?

I can make a cucumber, tomato, and pepper salad for an entire week
I can find some carrots and a potted mint plant
I don't grow any of my food

Score : out of 15